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Articles & Presentations

The following are a list of presentations and articles by Chris Kann. Chris is available to speak on these topics and issues. If you are interested in contacting her regarding discussing or scheduling a presentation, please “Contact Us.”


RAMAC Marketing Roundtable Breakfast – Racine, WI (December 6, 2013)
Presentation Title: “The Fundamentals of Market Research”
Presentation Description: There is no more important and valuable tool for any company than knowledge of the market and end customer. This knowledge can lead to time and cost efficiency in developing new products and marketing communications if used properly. But understanding the different options of market research and terminology surrounding this tool can be confusing. In this presentation, Chris Kann brings over 25 years of marketing and market research experience to help clarify and simplify the information that can help you decide when doing market research is right for you and how to determine what you need. Chris discusses many of the core concepts of market research, as well as give updates on some of the latest trends and practices.
Available Formats: PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF (391kB)


QRCA 2003 ANNUAL CONFERENCE – New Orleans, LA (October 15-18, 2003)
Presentation Title: “Success … Through Leveraging or Just Faking It”
Presentation Description: Are there resources in your life that could lead to success that you have forgotten about or ignored? Do you not pursue opportunities because you lack the confidence or expertise necessary? This session will help reenergize your perception of the contacts and connections around you, and stimulate your thinking to ‘fake your way’ (well not exactly!) or develop creative approaches to taking your business into new areas. You will learn to identify business and personal growth opportunities and to leverage them for maximum benefit.

QRCA 2002 ANNUAL CONFERENCE – Toronto, Canada (October 24, 2002)
Presentation Title: “Parenting for Qualitative Research Consultants”
Presentation Description: Some days you feel that being a qualitative research consultant is the perfect job to allow you to make the most of your professional and family commitments. But other days, you wonder how the erratic hours, demanding travel schedule, and client deadlines can possibly allow you to preserve enough time for your family in your life. This presentation shares tips that will help you get closer to the perfect mix between your business and personal lives.
Available Formats: PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Zip (59kB)


Article Description: (excerpt) “One of the key tools for good listening – the focus group – regularly comes under criticism. This article deconstructs the thinking behind this misplaced criticism and argues for raising the bar on research.” – You may view the full text of this article on the greenbook.org website by clicking here.

Article Description:
(excerpt) “Managing a commitment-packed personal life and a demanding career can be an exciting and interesting ride. Identify those personal activities that are important to you and write them in pen on your schedule. Talk about them as commitments you have made — which are just as important to you as anything else in your life. Periodically re-evaluate those items on your schedule that are really just there in a clutter of “busy-ness.” Don’t be satisfied with just “being busy.” Rather, be productive, be focused, be inspired… be successful!” – You may view the full text of this article on TheModerator.net website by clicking here.

Article Description:
(excerpt) “Is there a career choice that is the perfect match for raising children and having time for a fulfilling personal life? Some days you may feel that the flexibility of a consulting career is an ideal match for the demands of parenting. Other days it seems that a 9-to-5 job would be just the ticket for a more predictable schedule. Recently I spent time interviewing fellow research consultants and reviewing some available books and literature on the subject to see if there were clear answers to the question of how to successfully blend a career with family and personal pursuits.”
Available Formats: Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat PDF

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